Station 134 A1/A2 Substation Improvement Project

Project Information

Client: Ledcor Industrial Maintenance Ltd.
Job Number: 11873
Work Type: Substations
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: CPFF
Owner: TransCanada PipeLines Limited
Role: Subcontractor
Status: Completed
TransCanada Compressor Station 134 A1/A2 Substation Improvement Project This overall project consists of upgrade of the 44kV substation at the TCPL Compressor Station 134 located at Clarington Ontario. The overall project covered the design, supply and installation for the 44kV pole structures, line work and bus work, two new 72.5kV Circuit Breakers, and two new transformer containment pits for two existing 3000kVA transformers. Robert B. Somerville Co. Limited was contracted to supply manpower & equipment on a cost reimbursable basis to supply all civil related components of the project. This included locating all existing underground services and staking out the proposed underground services. Supply and install concrete foundations for new equipment, pole and containment pit, supply and install the 45ft Class L Concrete Pole foundation, pole structure, assemblies, line works (string cable) and corresponding equipment and hardware within demarcation point range and install the Transformer Containment Pit Foundations including Bus Support Foundations; Breaker Support Foundations and New Control Building Foundations