Stoney Trail Crossing

Project Information

Client: ENMAX Power Corporation
Job Number: 13208
Work Type: Distribution Powerlines
Location: Alberta
Contract Type: Lump Sum
Owner: ENMAX Power Corporation
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
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Robert B. Somerville Co. Limited (Somerville) was contracted by ENMAX to construct a trenchless crossing traversing Stoney Trail in the north east section of Calgary. The crossing itself was accomplished using the Direct Bore Method of construction. It consisted ofthe installation of approximately 151m of 42" diameter casing pipe in solid rock. The main challenge during the installation of the casing was the extremely cold temperatures experienced.   Once the crossing was complete, a bundle consisting of 12-6 and 3-4 HDPE conduits were pulled into the casing under Stoney Trail and enveloped in a thermal grout. The HDPE conduits were then transitioned to DB2 pipe, encased in concrete and connected to precast manholes on either side of the crossing.