TC Energy - Return to Service - Burstall, SK

Project Information

Client: TC Energy
Job Number: 19016
Work Type: Facilities (Launchers, Receivers & Meter Stations)
Location: Alberta
Contract Type: Unit Price
Owner: TC Energy
Role: Pipeline
Status: Complete
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Scope included the construction and installation of facilities associated with the Return to Service of isolated segments of NPS 34 EAS Mainline and NPS 42 EAS Mainline Loop #3. Scope activities spread over five work sites and included two NPS42 Launcher and Receiver assembly installations including four hydrotests, two NPS42 Valve Replacements, one NPS36 Valve Replacement, one NPS34 Valve Replacement, two NPS42 Line Reconnects, one NPS34 Line Reconnect, NPS34 Line Cut and Cap, two Integrity Digs as well as the demolition of EAS30-3-CV Valve Building.