York Energy Centre Pipeline Project

Project Information

Client: Enbridge Gas Distrbution
Job Number: 11007
Work Type: Distribution Pipeline
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: LSC
Owner: Enbridge Gas Distribution
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
The York Energy Centre (YEC) is a 393 MW natural gas-fired electricity generating facility that will provide power during peak demand periods in northern York Region. The YEC was proposed in response to the Ontario Power Authority's (OPA) 2008 Request for Proposals for northern York Region Robert B. Somerville Co. Limited, was awarded a contract to build the York Energy Pipeline Project by Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. The pipeline originates at the Schomberg Gate Station (SGS) located at 4955 Lloydtown-Aurora Road in Pottageville, Ontario and terminates at the YEC located at 18781 Dufferin Street in the Township of King, Ontario. The pipeline is approximately 17 km of NPS 16 XHP Steel. The project involves a tie-in at the SGS and constructing a new Metering Station located adjacent to the YEC. Horizontal Directional drilling was used on many segments of the pipeline. Significant Crossings included urban areas through the Village of Pottageville, Highway 400 and Highway 9.